Moves Brand and Logo Guidelines

When you have an integration with Moves, feel free to use Moves logo in your app and marketing materials.

Moves Logos

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  • Our brand name is ‘Moves’.
  • You can add lower-case ‘app’ after ‘Moves’ if you think it’s needed for clarity. E.g. “Track activity with Moves app.” (NOT “Track activity with Moves App.”)
  • ‘Moves’ brand name may not be translated to a local language. If the ‘app’ qualifier is used, it must be translated.
  • You can refer to Moves as an ‘activity tracker’, if you need a generic term for the type of app.
  • Consider linking to so people can learn more about it.
  • Names for specific app features:
    • A round summary visual in the app main screen is a ‘bubble’.
    • The vertical display of the user’s day is a ‘storyline’.

Name of your app or service

The goal is to make it clear what is provided by you and what is provided by Moves. We also need to look after Moves trademark, which places some requirements for apps that want to use ‘Moves’ in their name.

If you want to use the word ‘Moves’ or ‘Move’ as a part of your app name (capitalized or not):

  • You must include the clarification text: “This [application/service] uses data from Moves but is not endorsed or certified by Moves. Moves is a trademark of ProtoGeo Oy.” The text should be easily findable and readable somewhere in the app by its users.
  • We reserve the right to reject the use of the name “Moves” if we see it as inappropriate, based on the Moves API Terms of Use.

If you’re not using the word ‘Moves’ or ‘Move’ in your name, you do not have to include the above clarification text.

Logo/icon of your app or service

You are not allowed to use Moves logo in the logo or icon of your app or service. Find some other creative treatment.