Required scope: default (always available)

GET /user/profile


    "userId": 23138311640030064,
    "profile": {
        "firstDate": "20121211",
        "currentTimeZone": {
            "id": "Europe/Helsinki",
            "offset": 10800
        "localization": {
            "language": "en",
            "locale": "fi_FI",
            "firstWeekDay": 2,
            "metric": true
        "caloriesAvailable": true,
        "platform": "ios"
  • userId: a unique identifier (64 bit unsigned) of the user
  • profile: a JSON object with the user profile information
    • firstDate: first date from which there might be data for the user, in yyyyMMdd format
    • currentTimeZone: a JSON object with info about users current time zone
      • id: time zone identifier for users current time zone
      • offset: offset to UTC in seconds
    • localization (optional): users localization settings, if available
      • language (optional): users language as BCP 47 language code
      • locale (optional): users locale ID
      • firstWeekDay (optional): users first day of the week, 1=Sunday, 2=Monday
      • metric (optional): whether user prefers metric units
    • caloriesAvailable: whether calories are available for user
    • platform: users current platform, one of “ios” or “android”